Friday, January 27, 2012

Opticraft now 1.1

We are now running minecraft 1.1. Feel free to update your client and continue playing!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Opticraft 1.0 NOW ONLINE

Much overdue, our SMP server is now live on 1.0!
You can access it at
Existing member upgrade:,SMPUpgrade.html

This has been in the works for a decent period of time and numerous people have helped out in making it a reality. In particular, thanks to Relkeb, Nick3306, Ramkitty, Tobs74 and Exo615 for their time and efforts. Without them this would not have happened, so please take the time to thank them individually!

Now, for those who are interested, the details.

There have been a plethora of changes since 1.8. We have increased the map size from 1000x1000 to 3000x3000 - plenty of room to build!
There are 4 warp villages 1500 blocks north, south, east and west from the spawn, to help disperse the population. You are free to build where ever you like.

Economy - You now have a bank with money. You can use this to purchase a variety of blocks from the market, and at a later stage protection stones (more on this soon!). You earn money by trading resources into the market, or by trading with other players. The prices of blocks is not set in stone, and if there are any problems we reserve the right to make any changes, including resetting any players balances who attempt to exploit the system.

Protection stones - You will now be able to protect your property by placing these stones in your buildings. They create a zone where only you and those who you whitelist can build in. Preventing your structures from ever being griefed! The stones  will be made available in the market very shortly. We are busy ironing out some details in their pricing, but it will come soon.
*Update*: Stones are now available for purchase in the market.

Rank changes - We have added two new ranks. Member, and Moderator. Member is the same rank as our classic server. You simply sign up to the forums, and you will be promoted to member. The upgrade process however is not retroactive. If you have already signed up, you will need to manually start the upgrade process. Click here to upgrade to member. By becoming a member, you are given $500 and the ability to warp to other peoples houses.
The second rank is the moderator rank. This is the rank most of our staff will hold. Moderators are able to kick, ban and undo players actions. Their jobs is to maintain order on the server by removing troublesome users. The majority of our operators on 1.8 are now moderators. Operators remain the same as in 1.8.1 - more or less. In addition to maintaining order, they are able to spawn items, host events, etc. You cannot apply to become an operator, however the moderator position is open for applications on the forum!

Voting - We are now listed on three vote sites. Voting is a hugely important factor in the success and popularity of a SMP server. To encourage our users we are awarding 1 diamond a day per site - so 3 diamonds per day for voting for us. We are working on adding more incentives to vote, and there will be a few changes on the website and ingame to encourage and remind you to do so. Please vote - its really, really important!

Server upgrade & donations - I have upgraded the server from the  cheap VPS we were using on 1.8, to a full blown dedicated machine. I will post the specs below for those of you interested. This upgrade should ensure a very smooth experience for everyone, and a much, much larger player cap. However, it also costs a fair bit more then previously - approximately 12X! This means we will need donations in the future, but thanks to your support we have enough money to operate for approximately two months. We will be working on donation incentives on SMP once everything else is fleshed out.

Server specs:
  • Intel Xeon E3-1270 Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz Quad-Core Server Processor
  • Crucial 8GB DDR3 1333 Server Memory
  • 500GB Sata Hard drive
  • 9TB Monthly bandwidth @ 100mbps

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while we worked on the server. It has been greatly appreciated.
Please do post your feedback and suggestions, including constructive criticism. We are working hard on making opticrafts SMP server great, and your feedback is immensely helpful.

(T/N this was Quoted from the official Forums)

Opticraft 1.81

Here are some videos about opticraft in 1.81

 Also the spawn made by the hard working members of opticraft looks like this in 1.81
All players had a great time in opticraft here are some screenshots :P

 So join opticraft and have a great time there. DONT GRIEF moderators such as dedlymagik (shown above) are very active to kick griefers